Russ Roca


The Outdoor Industry Association reports that bicycle tourism is a $83 Billion industry in the US – but what does that mean? and how do smaller destinations capitalize on the economic development potential? Join us at the 2018 VT Walk Bike Summit for an engaging and informative presentation as Russ share stories and best case examples of successful bike tourism initiatives (and some not-so-successful ones), all taken from the past eight years of working in bike tourism development and marketing.

Russ Roca is co-owner of The Path Less Pedaled – a bike travel blog-turned-business. Since 2009, The Path Less Pedaled has focused on the ways in which cycling can positively impact small and rural communities, and has partnered with community leaders and tourism agencies across the US to work through the challenges of marketing a destination to a bicycling audience.

Russ is excited about his upcoming trip to Vermont. Check out his message for the upcoming Summit: